Are you a working mom?  A stay at home mom?  A work from home mom?  No matter what your mommy days look like, we know that there is often more to do that we think there are hours to do them in.

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Last year, I wrote about time stealers and choices.  I knew it was easy to get side-tracked, but I never came up with a solid plan to overcome those time stealers.  You see, prior to being a mom, I was an autism specialist.  My world was driven by weekly calendars with boxes of appointments, post it notes, and lots of color coding.  My day planner literally RAN my life.  Prior to that, I was a working student… pretty much the same.  So, when I retired to stay home with my daughter, I told myself that I would never be run by a calendar in the same way again.  But as she had more social commitments and classes and then I started my business with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists and made the decision to begin The momME Project, I needed to get a little more structured.

After spending three full days with Michael Stevenson of Transform Destiny at The Power to Create Your Life… Now! Phase I, I now realize how I had set myself up to fail.  No matter how much I consciously said I wanted to get more scheduled and organized, my unconscious mind knew only that I’d made being calendar-dependent something that I would never do… and it wouldn’t let me.  Now that I’m aware of that, I can change what my unconscious mind thinks and finally get on track.

But, other very important values for me continue to be spontaneity, flexibility, and fun.  So how do I find a balance?  How can we, as moms, be available for those last-minute play dates, but still make sure we get to everything else that needs to be done?  I have a few ideas about that and look forward to sharing them in my next post and hearing what you’ve done to find your balance.  Until then, enjoy the ideas that Life as Mom has to share.

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