From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday… it’s official… the holidays are fast approaching.  Avoid the lines and craziness of the malls, shop locally and from work at home parents like me, and give your friends and family their “best skin” in 2012.  Don’t forget a little something for you too!  Keep reading to learn about our great holiday collections and an extra special holiday “thank you” gift just from me to you.

Introducing New Products to the Rodan+Fields Family

Anti-Age Hand Treatment Regimen:
We spend 90% of our skincare dollars on only 5% of the “real estate.” Don’t let your hands lie about your age. Even my lotion-hating hubby LOVES this new regimen… and that’s saying something. Brighten, moisturize, tighten, smooth, and protect your hands within minutes of using it for the first time.

Anti-Age Lip Renewing Serum:
I was in love with the lip products we already had, but now this?!? Our lips thin out and lose definition as we age. Get the lips of your youth back within minutes of rolling with AMP MD and applying a lip serum capsule, your lips will look plumper and healthier… a result that maintains over time. Don’t have a roller? You can still see improvement from the serum alone.

Soothe Regimen… new and improved:
Now containing 4 products, we have replaced the single-step moisturizer with SPF with an emulsifier-free Moisture Replenishing Cream and a separate Mineral Sunscreen. Break the cycle of sensitive skin by healing irritation and calming redness.

Announcing the 2011 Holiday Collections: Love Your Lips & Get Your Glow On

Whether you love or hate the cold, we all know that our lips are notoriously unhappy during the colder months. The Love Your Lips collection contains all of our lip products to keep you lips kissable all season long and comes with a free, stylish cosmetic bag.

And now that long, sunny days are giving way to long, chilly nights, you can keep that sun-kissed look all winter when you Get Your Glow On. The perfect sunless tanning pair are made into a trio with the gift of a free body moisturizer.

These Holiday Collections will disappear when the glitter ball counts us into 2012 or sooner as supplies are limited.

As promised, there’s a little something special just for you to say “Thank You” for shopping with me.  All purchases will receive something fun!  But there are special freebies for new Preferred Customers,  those purchasing any of our new products, and especially for anyone who makes the decision to join me in business!  Contact me for more information.

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